Monday, November 24, 2008

Lame or what?

I don't know why people are becoming lamer and lamer. I guess it's because we're in the school Holidays and some people are just too bored.

I mean seriously ? Being a spammer? Like wtf?

I know you're so pathetic & you feel your life just needs more Sparks,more entertainment.
But that ain't the way to go around spamming people & scolding vulgarities at them.

Okay, First off, spamming just makes people think how come you're so pathetic, your life is so damn dull that you have to go on and spam people. Making YOUR life more interesting. haha, It just makes me laugh thinking about it, so what? Insults doesn't do good on me. You can scold me whatever you like, because I know whether it's true or not. & so what if it's true ? This is me. So whatcha gonna do about it ?

HAHA, I'm done scolding. So yeah, yesterday around 10 plus, Alfred & his friends came over my house's void deck, then we head over to Hui Wen's House.

After a while, headed over to triple 8 , the ice Milo sucks over there, it tastes sour *bleh*
Then Alfred & Zhen Wei ordered Stingray and rice, while Hui Wen and I ordered lala(a seafood with shells) It was okay though I preferred the Stingray :x

Then headed back, watch T.V and share a bed with Hui Wen, Woke up in the morning and went home @ 4 plus.

So now I'm going to walk my Dog, update soon! xoxo

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