Sunday, November 23, 2008


Oh,man.I've got lots of things to do today. Really, But I don't have to be bothered having no time AT ALL ,because I'm going to stay at home most of the time during the holidays.

WHY? because I've recently got no friends): Such Pathetic me, haha. Yeah, I'm such an asshole, no wonder people don't want to befriend me.

BUT It's alright, independence is the key! The hot fashion right on now for me is Independence.

Which Means...
I'm going shopping alone! Do whatever Alone!

hahaha, okay , maybe I could ask someone else to go with me. But who?
My pet dog,Hugo ? hahah, just kidding.

But I think I'm going to buy back to school stuff with someone.

Though I don't know who, but when I've got the money then I'll ask people.

Do You Want To Buy Back-To-School Stuff With Me? *showing you my sparkly green eyes*

okay, so when I stay at home with nothing to do, I'll do this:

YES, Take nonsensical pictures of myself.

Oh yeah, Does my Bangs really sucks ?

Wait... I'll show you :

TADAH! I think I suck in this picture. haha,

Okay, whatever. My sister can't come over tonight as she's flying to Beijing):

No pizza, but she's transferring money to me , & she'll be back on Wednesday.
crap, so I think I'm going to starve for dinner):

Whatever, and I'm going to go do my things, update again soon:D

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