Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm eating cup noodles at home . I'm thinking of all the depressing things that can possibly happen.Will you leave us for your other friends? You seem to be happier there,seem to be less bored hanging around with them. I need friends too. I need bestfriends too. But are you all my best friends? Or just that temporary shield against the cruelty of the world ? I''m sick of always being alone, sick of getting confused between who I am. How I wish and pray there'll be a guy to stand by me. Who won't hurt me like the rest. I'm so pathetic ? Yeah, I think so too. I know my friends will be by my side, but I need bestfriends too. & seriously I treat you all as my bestfriends. I know we've got complications but I know we'll get through and we'll grow up to be better person in the end. I want us to grow in the Lord together too. Not leaving any of us behind. We're the three Princesses right ? Never be gone forever, never leave each other supposedly? I know and I'm glad to know you two. But I'm still stressed. Over the other sex. It's stupid to be . But I'm as stupid as anyone can get. I know only the Lord can truly satisfy us. But ... I don't know, I think the Lord is trying to prove me wrong , that I don't need a man. With all the failing relationships I've got over the years. I guess I'm just stubborn. I still feel a desire. Though It's not sex, it's just having a guy to support you & treats you like a princess. Oh whatever, I ain't a love goddess.

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