Thursday, November 27, 2008

Don't Bother.


I'm watching Miss No Good & Love Or Bread now!
Also I'm listening to Rainie Yang's new Album:D

(first off I've to say I'm touched !, liming did the survey:D )

Okay, For the whole month of December, please don't try contacting me.(I know no one will but..)
'Cause I'll be so busy! Working from morn till night. My day-offs are on the 2nd Dec & 25 Dec.

I'll be a busy Bee! But I've got cash , & I'll try & find someone to accompany me to buy back-to-school stuffs. Maybe Hui Wen, (oh do you want to ? *with the cutest smile I can think of* )

haha, okay well, I'm off to walk my dog.

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