Saturday, November 8, 2008

A day with Hui Wen ...

I'm going to get a Canon Powershot E1 ,

It costs $319 ! not very expensive though(:

I'm going to get the Pink one!:D It looks so cute.

so I went to Town with Hui Wen just now.

We went to Lido and caught HSM3 . Hui Wen's sister got free tix .

I like the parts with all the stage things like the houses and such.

I think you'll know if you watch the movie:D

I rate it 3 pop corns! As it's kind of boring . Or is it just me?

Every movie that I've watched is boring.

SHIT , I need to watch some interesting movie .


okay , after watching the movie, we went window shopping.

I'm going to get handbag from Mango @ $99 .

a handbag from Aldo @ $75.

I also want to get the Primos @ Cotton On for approx. $15(:

I'm ALSO getting some dresses from Hula & Co. for approx. $30+.

shit, I need cash FAST . But my first priority is getting the handbag first.

THEN the C A M E R A . wootsa,

I think I'm staying home tomorrow and maybe pack up my room & read the bible.

My room is SO like a pig sty right now. Books and CDs are laying on the floor.

My Laundry are on my Chair & my bags that I use frequently are on top of the clothes.

Damn I so need to pack up . I also need a housemate!

I want to move out of my house!):

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