Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Awesome Class Chalet...

Okay, so on Day 1, I went to School for ELDDS. Then Ms.Claudia and her boyfriend called a London Cab.

We reached there around 3 plus ? then we went inside the room, after awhile they went to Barbecue. There were alot of food! Eat until I was all bloated. haha, Xiao'En , Varsha,Ms.Claudia& her boyfriend they all were the ones cooking. Thanks!:D

Our room :D



They're all so interested in Guitar Hero,haha.




Sexy Uncle!haha.



A random shot.

Starting the fire.

Oh so romantic, haha.

Playing poker~

WeiXun had to do a forfeit.

Look at Diki, haha.
Najah,Esther& Amira.

Najah,Ashley& Amira.

Najah,Ms.Claudia& Amira.

Another Random Shot.

Look at them!haha, so cute.

haha, I'm so vain.

look at them, they're vain too.haha


Jump for joy!haha
I'm flying without wings.


It's a 'use phone' day.

Then after barbecuing, we went inside the room and they all play poker while we watch television.

Then after awhile, we went outside to play a game called ' Cheat' & another dumb game, haha.
After that, we went to rent Bikes, ShengDong,Alfred,Andrei & I we rent 4 bikes and it was $15 for a whole night. We went cycling for a while , then came back to play card games.
Poker Again.

Look at this two , haha.


The Dumb Game(:




Alfred doing his forfeit,the indian dance!
Indian dance, lots of people were watching, haha.

My White Boyfriend.

My Husband(:

My forfeit.

My 2nd Forfeit.

1st Cute Shot.

2nd Cute Shot.

3rd Cute shot.

Then after playing a few rounds of it, Ms.Claudia's Boyfriend told us Ghost stories, woah it was spooky. haha, then it was around midnight, we went back inside the chalet. Went cycling for a few rounds again, and came back. I slept at 4a.m. to around 8a.m.

Esther's voice woke me up. She said 2 bikes were stolen.I went to brush my teeth & we went to search for the bikes. It was Andrei & My bike that were stolen. What luck,man. My Nike slippers just got stolen and now this.

Okay then after awhile, Paterlin,Vicki, Andrei,Varsha,Xiu Qi,Justin, Diki,Jerome, Hafiz and I went to Escape Theme Park.

It was so fun!:D Though there weren't much rides, but it was still fun. I screamed till my voice turn hoarse.

After that, we went back to the bike kiosk to talk about the loss of the 2 bikes.Police were involved but we still had to pay $100. ):

Then we played the dumb game again :D After that, we all head to bed!

Paterlin's Forfeit!

Diki's Forfeit!
Jerome's Forfeit!

Alfred's Forfeit!

Jerome's Forfeit!

The Game.
Justin's Forfeit.

Sleeping time!

Then on the 3rd day, we had trouble waking them up! haha. I bath and we left at 10.30a.m.
Took bus and I went to ELDDS, it was so tiring man. Then I went to Macs with Marie & had our lunch. (:

Alfred& his sexy legs, wow~


The 10 of us!:D

Look what Alfred did, haha.

The aftermath.

Marie & our lunch,(:

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