Friday, November 7, 2008

6th November Anniversary...

So woke up early in the morning and Dress up for the MidLink 12th Anniversary.

Xiao'En came over to my house void deck and we headed off to Pastor's house.

We had Buns for light breakfast in the car.

Practiced and then we had to perform .

I think the worship was okay(:

Xiao'En , Hui Wen and I did 'Hosanna' and a chinese song.

Jabez and Aaron played the guitar for us.

I think I fare not very good.

But all in all I guess It was okay, I'm doing it for God(:

Then we went to Jurong East , went to the Popular and the Pasar Malam.

After that I went to Marsiling Mrt Station and waited for Esther's parents.

They fetch Najah and I to Republic Poly to watch a 'Play'.

It was quite okay though a little bit boring .

The elderly kept talking in front of Esther and I .

It was so irritating as they also block my view.

But they're old so who could blame them?

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