Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whatever shit that's happening right now , I'm responsible. I feel that butterfly in my stomach , I feel that awkwardness, I feel that shyness.I know this is wrong, I know everyone is telling me to do the right decision and trusting me to do it too. But I don't even know myself now. It all feels so drastic. I'm beginning to get bored actually. But a part of me yearns. I know I'll be in a deep water if I get what I wanted. As I know you'll run away . You'll never stay , and you'll be with other owners. That's what stopping me right now. But I guess nothing will come of it , because I might be just thinking too much , and I guess I am . You never said anything about it. You too don't seem like it . So maybe I'm just too sensitive or too stupid.

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