Friday, October 31, 2008

Syahilah's Birthday Celebration with Me:D

HELLO. Sorry for updating so late. Met up with Syahilah around 11.30a.m. yesterday.

We took the train to City Hall and went to Singapore Philatelic Museum .

It is small but there's alot of things for you to take pictures with!
I apparently love this, no?

BFF of the century.

Can you see whose Teeth are bigger and whiter?

Ride away!
Trying to act candid.

woah, I'm a drummer.

The olden times.

nice lanterns,haha.

Look at my facial expression and you'll know how heavy it is.

Bye, I'm going travelling.

After that we got hungry and we dined at Funan Mall's Pastamania.

Like camwhores, we take pictures!:D

Syahilah took my pictures and it's at her blog, go take a look(:
Our Spags!:D

BFF material Girl:D

I think my facial expression rocks your socks. haha/

I so love my eye colour.

Headed to Bugis after eating our fill.

The funny parts was we got on 2 wrong trains, how clever.

We head to Haji Lane and the stores there were real nice(:

Well-decorated stores and pretty accessories are the love!haha.

Walking down haji Lane.

Bye,I'm going back home.

Look at my facial expression, haha.

Advertising for Ice Mountain, haha.

Say hi to my boyfriend of the century.

I bought a ring that's so cool! :D It says: JESUS CHRIST,precious saviour.


Then we head to Bugis Junction , walk around for a bit,

and decided to have Ice Cream(:

Eating Yummy McFlurry(:
Eating Yummy Sundae!(:

Got bored and bought masks and we head down to Syahilah's house.

It was funny the way we apply the mask on each other's faces.

I poked Syahilah's eyes twice and poked her nose once.

It was so hilarious.
Look at our million dollar smiles!:D

Hi world,you've seem my home-ly look and that's NOT my undies.

Magazine Fanatic!
With our Mask!

Nicest Movie of the Century.

Sleep Over Cam Whores.
My Sexy GirlFriend.

we watched New York Minute , DOA and Mean Girls:D

Slept and headed home in the morning.

Other pictures please head to : :D

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