Monday, October 13, 2008

Shopping Trip and Bryan's Birthday Celebration...

I went shopping with Mei Wei on Saturday , It was so fun!:D

Mei Wei looks like a Ghost!:D HAHA

The things I bought !:D

Mei Wei's new heels , nice right ? (:

We went to Far East plaza as I wanted to buy a green dress there , but it wasn't there anymore):

So I walked around and bought a black tube dress, green platform heels and Black cardigan .

Plus a super cute green earrings :D

Then we went to Wisma Atria's F21 , Didn't see anything I fancy , so we walked around .

while I was passing by a push-cart , I saw some accessories , and stopped to take a look.

The salesman was so enthusiastic .

He took my shopping bag and placed it on his chair , he said that I'll be able to try on the stuff.

It was super scary , I was placing on a very awkward smile .

After that , Mei Wei went home while I went to Bryan's Birthday Celebration .

I thought I missed the stop when Mei Wei and I were talking to each other .

We were so engrossed in our conversation .

Thank god I didn't miss the stop (:

I went to bryan's house and there were so many people .

Around 20 plus ? Haha , I was the photographer of the day (:
Look at Bryan ! Act Cute! HAHA

Hui Wen and Me!:D

The Four of Us(:

The delicious food aunty Mabel and aunty Lydia cooked!:D

One Big Family!:D

Bryan and his Friends(:

The delicious cake!:D

Nigel and Bryan(:
Bryan and Willis!(:

Bryan, ShiJie and Vanessa(:


Make a good wish , Bryan(:

After that Pastor and all prayed for Bryan and we sang the Birthday song .

The chocolate cake was really nice(:

Then we head back home and attend Church the next day.

After Church , We went to Caleb's house and watched ' Money No Enough 2'

It was so damn hilarious , especially the part where the grandma was so forgetful .

I laughed until the whole house nearly toppled . But It was sad in the end .

I cried like shiat:/ Then we watched Saw . It was such a nice show .

The mastermind is so clever . I want to watch Saw 2 and 3,4,and 5 :D

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