Sunday, October 19, 2008

Primary School Friends Day Out ...

So on Saturday , I went out with Xiao Qian , Mary and You Peng .

It was quite fun!:D We went to Far East Plaza for a while and window-shopped abit .

After that we went to KFC and it was super unhygienic.

I saw a cockroach lying dead on the floor . It was damn gross .

Serious , this is the first time I saw any fast food restaurant that has pests.

After that we went to Cineleisure and watched 'House Bunny'.

It was so nice , that girl is so bimbotic , hahah .

Then I went to Khatib for song practice and went home .

Head to church today , Joshua gave me a coach pouch.

He bought for the three of us , Xiao 'En and Hui Wen :D

I got the brown, Xiao'En got the Black and Hui Wen got the White!

It is so very nice and I'm using it now!:D


After Church I went home for awhile ,

then headed down to my void deck and slack with Bryan and his Friends(:

Went to Caleb's house with them after awhile .

Was intending to watch a movie, then Mary called and problem came.

Went to Admiralty to talk things out .

After that the police came . It was so funny .

Then we head back home .

There's school tomorrow!:D

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