Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jabez's Birthday and Bottle Tree Park...

Attended Church, then we had food :D

Then we celebrated Jabez's Birthday, had cake and PIZZA!:D

After that had Sunday School, then Hui Wen and I left to go walk around.

We headed to Khatib's Bottle Tree Park after much consideration .

We took pictures , like as if we're tourists! But my memory card's a bit spoilt:/

So some of the pictures might be spoilt.

Okay so during this holiday , I'm going to dye my hair green.

Also , I'm going to maybe go do manicure and pedicure!:D

So girl.

Tongue piercing , I'm coming for you!:B

I miss my Septum piercing.I'm putting it back out(:

Rina and Ashley(:

Ashley and Hui Wen(:

Rina and Hui Wen(:

Us Ladies(:

The BIG cake!:D

Pastor, Jabez and Aunty Mabel(:

Jabez and his parents(:

Ashley and Jabez(:

Guess who are they ? C:

can you already guess what's my fav. colour from my mask and shoes?


we rock like that.

Hui Wen <33

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