Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boreness is killing me


okay , holidays began around a week ago , and I'm so bored. I've nothing to do.

PLUS I've got no cash to go shopping or such ):

So there's not really many events going on, = no pichas.

BUT fret not , I'm going out with SYAHILAHBABE on Thursday(:

We're going to a museum and going to Haji Lane! (as I've not been there before)

Yeah I know I'm such a noobshit, but whatever I don't really care.

So we're going to take lotsa pichas, wootsa! ...

I'm so freaking B O R E D .

Holidays aren't so great after all uh ? :/ I want to go shopping.

I want to go out and play , go KTV with the babes,go beach or smth.

haha , Oh I'm nervous about November the 6th .

I'm singing 'Hosanna' with Hui Wen and Xiao'En at some office.

I'm known for being a destroyer. I think I'll screw up obviously.

shucks , I'm so bored I could play a million games and still feel bored.


I'm no longer feeling moody! Caleb isn't avoiding me anymore:D

I don't really care that much for that person already .

Give Glory to God:D

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