Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations...

Okay , so the First Celebration + Youth Meeting was on Saturday .

Bryan's Friends joined us and Pastor preached .

After that We went to play Basketball.

Actually, the guys did anyway . We girls just watched. They nearly got into a fight twice.

Of course they were playing with people they do not know.

Then after that we went to the park. Food started getting served .

And then we teenagers :D , played Block Catching .

sweat like shit man . But it was fun .

I so look a bit like a Malay,

Huiwen and I:D

Me and Xiao'En:D
Bryan, Ashley and Xiao'En(:

The Whole Load of us (:

Uncle Jeremiah spoiled it!! HAHA . Willis and I!

Cute ZAC!:D

Then On Sunday , after Church , Xiao'En, Hui Wen and I cabbed down to Cheng Yan's house.

Lina and Hui Hui was there already . So they started playing Monopoly ,

While I studied . :D Such a geek . After that we headed down to eat , (cut long story short)

Then we took our stuff and went to the hill to play!:D

We lighted candles and we played with the fire crackers . Andrei joined us afterwards,

While Hui Wen left after drinking a MeatBall Soup . ): You missed out the fun .

It kind of was drizzling , we prayed and then the rain stopped:D

So I had alot of fun , pictures!:

They were playing Monopoly!:D

Ashley's Yearbook 2008

Class Mates!:D

Funny Faces!:D

Hui Hui!:D

Cheng Yan!:D

I bet I look scary here.

We looked like we're in Cloud nine or something with all the smoke.HAH

Husband and Wife!:D

I'm just trying to act cute , nevermind...):

If for any reason you cannot see this , it's an : A

The accidental burning of the lantern:/

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