Friday, September 5, 2008

The holidays ...

Okay seriously , I DID NOT ENJOY MY HOLIDAY.

I mean HELLO? I've been working everyday, and studying too for the matter of fact.

But am glad I'm going shopping with Caleb tomorrow!:D

Looking forward to it , I'm going to buy my white rip curl hoodie. wootsa.

I hope and pray it's still on the shelves. :/

Oh and recently bad things keep happening ,

emotionally. Got back to the old way of hurting yourself):

Whatever , it just happens, life's like that .

There's times when I feel like crying but no tears could come out .

That's why. And also because of shithole. But forget it .

I ain't letting myself get into this state of the relationship.

Trust me . Oh and I pierced my ear , yet again ! :D

Also, I'm going to pierce my tongue during the December holiday .(:

So yeah ,saving money for it . And I'm going to do up my room .

Caleb says he's going to help me!:D




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