Monday, September 8, 2008

End Of Year ...

Okay, I realized EOY is coming in around 3-4 weeks ? So I've decided to really study.Also, Mid-Autumn Festival is here!:D I'm quite happy about it as I'm celebrating with my friends(: Then on Saturday, I've got a Youth thing going on .(: Pastor is going to preach and then we'll play a bit of sports, celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival,eat Mooncakes and play with Candles and such:D Having 3 celebrations,haha. Also , I hasn't been feeling very well this past few days. PMS maybe,but yeah a bit of hormones disorder, kind of like very emotional all of a sudden. But I know it's only a phase of a moment, It'll pass soon :D I have faith.Guess what ? I'm going to buy boxers from Cotton On Body . haha , their boxers are like shorts, so I guess I'll be wearing it on the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with my Classmates . We're only celebrating near my house , (: So yeah , School tomorrow , got to go rest !:D

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