Sunday, September 21, 2008

Andrei's Birthday Celebration ...

So yeah , we meet up at Causeway Point early at 10.30a.m.

We then headed to Sportslink and bought a basketball for my dearest husband Andrei .

It's his Birthday celebration! There were Andrei,Wei Xun, Jing Quan, Paterlin, Cheng Yan ,

Hui Hui , Xiao ' En and Me!:D We then took bus to Marina Bay and took Shuttle Bus to


We walked for quite awhile and finally found a good spot , Esther and I brought Beach towels.

We then played in the water and Paterlin brought Volleyball along!:D So sweet of her!:>

birthday Boy and Me!:D

Shy Eugene says: I LOVE WANLING!:D

HAHA , look at Hui Hui , the hair-flying girl:D

okay , I placed my camera on a sandcastle and took this, riskkyy.

The Hawaiian king : ALFRED and Me!:D

Besties !:D

Look at Alfred's sexy LONG legs , haha!:D

The stick is supposed to be his crotch .
Tadah ! Mr.Sandman

Then we went to bath , the queue was so long we nearly rot ,):

We then took the monorail to Vivo City , ate our dinner at Carl's Jr. It was fantabulous.

Okay then Wei Xun and Eugene had to leave , ):

After eating , we went to the Playspot. There were lotsa children there , we camwhored!:D
This is candid , serious(: (look at Cheng Yan ,haha!)

HAHA , I look so weird , whatever.

Andrei and Esther!:D

Us Girls!:D

Oh my , I look so kiddo.
This is so rockstar potential , haha.


After that we walk around . Cheng Yan had to leave , so they send her to the MRT station ,

while Andrei and Jing Quan accompany me to go S H O P P I N G !:B

haha , I only bought a tank top from River Island .

I so wanted to buy a leopard strip tank top but they say it was TOO mature for me):

so I dropped the idea , it's only $21 from F21 . Oh forget it .

OH YEAH , we saw someone damn gorgeous at F21 too , her name's KayKay.

She's real pretty:D HAHA. Oh after walking around Andrei bought us all ICE CREAM!

Not those cheapo kind of ice cream , it's BEN 'N' JERRY'S ICE CREAM!:D

Very nice!:D I ate till I was so damn full . After eating , we headed to take bus home.

I enjoyed myself so very much!:D Lastly ,


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