Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Shopping Trip . . .

Okay, I've reached home and I want to post all the pictures I've taken yesterday:D
Do I look like a Thailand-er ?

I adore this dress,

I look like I'm constipating.

Jeans material me.

I look so sun-shiney:D
So yesterday , met up with MeiWei, Xiao'En and Caleb.

We ate at foodcourt before leaving for Orchard. Headed down to the Heeren.
Caleb and Me !:D

my crooked piercing . FUGLY.

Meiwei and Me!:D

Ms.Fat Face/):


This guy's voice rocks!Though the diction ain't very good.

I wanted to get a JanSport bag,but I didn't see any nice ones. Then I chose a Eastpak one,

Over my budget , so I decided to go walk around first before making a decision.

Thank god I walked around as I found a nicer and cheaper bag at Spin The Bottle.

It's a polka dot with green and jeans material bits on the bagpack. It's a yakpak bag @ $65.

I find it really funky but am abit worried that it'll be common as people all over are wearing

polka dots bag, oh well .Will take a picture of it and saw you all some other times.

Also, while we were walking along the road of Orchard, a salesman came over and said:

Man: Do you want to register for this membership and you'll get a free pendant necklace.
Caleb: No thanks.
Man:You can get it for your girlfriend(pointing to me)
*Caleb wanted to say that I'm not his girlfriend but the man continued.
Man:Your girlfriend looks interested .
*I was like *huh?* I don't look slightly interested . haha,
It was so funny,man.

Then we headed down to Suntec for The Straits Times lucky draw.
The French Spiderman1.

Promoting: The Straits Time. hahah.

I zoomed in .

Slowly climbing,(:

yay! Reached the top:D

It's a event where you'll have to guess a mystery place and you'll win a car .

I actually thought we'll stand a chance , but too bad we didn't.
By Meiwei,ME!:D

Caleb and Me !:D

Don't look at the guy's crotch,I know you're looking,haha.


Group photo!:D
ohmyfreakinggod! Spirit photography!

So yeah , had dinner and Caleb went out to find his friends and we went shopping .

We shopped for awhile at Raffles city and then we trained down to Orchard again .

Meiwei bought a few clothings and then we head back home .
From Meiwei's blog,us!:D

Then today went to church and then to Jabez's house and watched Hot Shot.

Episode 2 and 3 . Waiting for episode 4 next week , haha ! Jerry yan is so HOT.

okay,I'm going to go rest now,school tomorrow!Ciao !:D

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