Saturday, August 30, 2008


as in back to blogging after 6 days ? haha.

I was busy this week and lots of things happen and so in .

So I didn't have time to blog. This wednesday I had an expedition .

To the Civil Defence Heritage Center . It was so boring but I could handle it.

haha. Took pictures!:

On Friday, my school celebrated Teacher's Day !:D

It started out fun , but then problems started happening.

Glad it ends out fine I guess. Also, I fell down too!):

It was so embarrassing. Then I went back to my mother School !:D

My Fuchun Primary School and I met up with my PriSch Friends!

Then saw Adib with 2 cigs behind his ears,took one and smoked.

Got a bit dizzy and such , I'm not a smoker uh .

Just playing around only.(:

Saw Syahilah too !:D She came my house after that,

Then I went off to work.Then Met up with Caleb,

Saw Xiao'En , haha such a pure coincidence uh!:D

Then went to Caleb's house,

was planning to stay over but his parents was not okay with it,

So Joshua,his brother sent me home.

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