Friday, August 22, 2008

HI HO . :D

haha,Guess what ? I joined the volleyball inter house and actually got into the finals!

Isn't that a miracle or what? haha. okay,we ain't that lousy a team either .

So yeah we're competing against the Power team,

which I supposed most of them are volleyball players.

And that's like so NOT fair.):

Because we're not volleyball players! We did not get taught how to play .

But nevermind,at least we made it this far. haha .

Oh yeah and I think I don't want to continue watching 'Hot Shot'.

BECAUSE I'll have to wait every week for it and I DON'T LIKE.

I want to wait till it's over and watch it all in a day . So yeah,

Hopefully I would be able to resist the temptation.

HAHA,okay.Tomorrow Esther and co. they're going to eat steamboat.

Hope they'll have fun(: I ain't going cause of cash and studies.

HAHA, Imma goodgirl . okay,seriously,I'm dead beat.

I guess I'll go and sleep now. You'll laugh if you're able to see me now,haha.

Favourite Chinese Song:


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