Sunday, July 20, 2008

Woots,I'm a goner.

Stiff Smile.

I so love my Nike slip-ons /

This is me , your usual Ashley.

Okay , First off I went to Church today .
After Sunday School, why not take some pictures?:D

Look at Caleb's hand , lao ti koh!!!
All the Youths !(except for Xiao en)

Not too bad uh ? My facial expression .

I was really laughing ,Bamboo was looking @ me,haha.

I can't solve that Math Qns!!

Still on that Qns...

Then we,the church members and I went to eat our lunch .

we then head to a lan shop and play for a hour @ $2.

I played for around 20 minutes then I went to the toilet.

After going to the toilet,I realized Aunty Mabel drove the car directly outside,

So I have no choice but to go with them .

I went back to Caleb's house .
Three people obsessed with Dota !!

So emo uh ?

That lil plaster ,cause: Stealthy.

I did some of my homework .

I seriously have NO clue how to do my Math,

I NEED Esther's help.

Okay, then Caleb,Joshua,Hui wen ,Xiao En and I went to watch a movie @ CWP.

We watched 'The Dark Knight '.I rate it 5/5.

It was AWESOME. The storyline and the fighting parts ,

God,a very very nice movie indeed.

The Joker was super cute . Though I know he died in real life.

I think the most scariest and ugly-looking is the other guy,

the two-faced something . I forgot his name :x

Also, I don't think the girl is pretty. The Rachel I think .

She's not pretty and she's going to marry the other guy rather than Batman.


I find the movie very meaningful too :D

Oh and recently I simply have no mood to study ,
I don't know why ? I guess because of my surroundings.
People around me ain't studying, eg. Xiao En & Hui Wen .
Also,I simply has got N-O NO time to study !!!
This is really killing me,
because I get like 6-5 hours of sleep every single day.
and my eye bags cum dark circles are all coming out.):
I have to have that kind of determination to study ,
But I don't !!! I got to change that ,
and yeah it's easier said than done .

Okay,I've got school tomorrow ,
ciao !

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