Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 things that pissed me off...

1.Slow buses
Don't buses that takes 30 minutes-1 hour to reach piss you off ?

Just when you are going out on a date or meeting your friends and the bus is so slow,

thats super irritating to me.

2.Kiasu Auntie

I still remember last month ,when I'm in a bus.

I was waiting for the old man in front of me to go first.

Then one auntie hit my shoulder and ask me to hurry up .

That was so freaking annoying ,is she blind or what ?

I did scold her back though.

This just kills me.If cockroaches EVER climb onto my leg,

I think I'll drop dead,seriously.

It piss me off and scares me, yucks.

4.People that ignore me when I'm talking

It just simply puts me off.It makes me feel like as if you're telling me :

Don't talk to me,I've no interest in hearing what you're trying to say.

5.Stupid guys
Or more of a complicated guys.

Sometimes you just don't know what they're doing ,

Like if he ask you out and ignores you the whole day ,

then what's the point right?

Or a guy that stops talking to you after you say you don't like him.

Ain't that so weird ? urgh.

6.People that Cut queue

When you're so tired and you have been queuing for so long and finally the bus came.

And while you're two seconds away from getting into the bus,

someone cuts in front of you. Damn irritating.


It really piss me off. You've got your own style and personality,

so why copy people ?

Only those with no personality and character will want to copy people.

8.People who don't reply my messages
It makes me feel as if I'm irritating that person .

I totally hate it ,

if you don't want to reply me because you don't like me or what,

just tell me I won't fucking pester you.

9.Irritating Teachers

Those teachers that keeps telling you :

It's not that I want to teach you , its because you're the lousy class,

so I'm appointed here to push you up.

What the Fuck ??!!

If you don't want to teach my class or what,

then you don't .We,students pay our school fees .

Which means WE are the ones who give you your salary ,

so why are you complaining?

10. Staying at home with nothing to do
like now,I'm staying at home with nothing to do while my friends are out.

I'm so super bored but I'm ending this post .

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