Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This really seems like...

A new beginning to me as I've finally let my past go . As in let bygones be bygones.

REALLY. Well, I've lead a new life by becoming a christian.

I've stop letting relationship enter my life.(It never worked out good)

I've stop vulgarities, wanting to be more magnanimous .

And all those good behaviours .

I'm reading the dictionary,which a lopsided-hair.Sucks.

look at the expression on xe's face! HAHA/(okay I'm badd)

Xe and I, I seriously look a tad bit incongruous.

Okay,today I went to school as usual . Then Ms.Claudia ask me whether or not

I want to do a skit sort of thing . It's on Dengue.Yeah andI have no Confidence that

I will do well. ):


hahaha! oh look at these photos !:

Look closer and you will be able to see my piercing!

I so miss that! I couldn't possibly flip it as I've got school ):

Oh well, random photos:

Got to head off for work ! Ciao:D

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