Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Racial Harmony Day ...

Is actually over, But I'm posting those pictures today !:D

I was supposed to wear the traditional costume but I backed out last minute.

It was too embarrassing for me,dude!

Oh,well.Maybe next year I'll wear.HAHA.
When we're taking a fake exam.

Am I clever or what ? HAHA.

I managed to take so much pictures during an exam.

All the pretty girls in traditional costume,:D

Colours !
Vicki and Me!:D

Najah and Me!:D


After school I went out with Xiao En,Zihui and Mario .
Act emo the Mario.

Pi Gu Dong !

While waiting for the slow bus,

@ Macs.


We went to Causeway to have our lunch @ Macs and study @ Library.

It's been 2ooooo years since I ate @ Macs uh.Or preferably,Mickey D's.


Oh and later I'll be heading to work early .

I'm going to go and thread my eyebrow first,


So yeah, and later I'll be going to Prayer meeting.

I'll have to pray for Hui wen's father yeah .

Also, Huiwen's beloved believe in Christ ! or sort of

Accepted Christ already .Really thank god for that,

We both never expected he'll believe in Christ(:

Oh well,Caleb still owe me a movie trip to watch ...

"The Strangers"

haha.I don't know whether he'll keep his words or not,

I'll wait and see .

Oh and I don't know whether his friend will be coming along,

So yeah,we'll see how it goes. Lalala ,

okay, Ciao !:D

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