Friday, July 25, 2008

Jamming session ...

I went Jamming yesterday with Esther, Elgene, Chimeng and Jacky.

Oh and today's Ms.Nila's last day teaching us !! ):
Pretty ?:D My hair just sucks .

haha,Look at them.


Jackyyyy, haha!

Lousy Quality picture):
Look at them .

haha,so new yorker.

yes,That's me.

woah,look at Chimeng playing the drums,haha!

I'm going to eat the mic up.
Look who's camera shy,haha.


It was so super funny, only Chimeng and Esther know how to play the instruments,

After that we went to a kopitiam and had our dinner.

Then we went back home.

Sorry for the lousy quality of the pictures,

Blame it on my stupidity,

I brought my camera there but I forgot to bring the memory card.

Stupid or what ? ):


tomorrow's Aunty Mabel's birthday ,

I'm going to write a birthday card for her .

Also at the same time I'm going to write a belated birthday card for Esther.

haha,I owe her for so long already . :/

oh and something happened.
someone came back to her life,
he's a good man ,I know.
But I don't think it's wise,
to go back to the life ,
she took so long to get out of.
He won't hurt her again ?
I don't believe.
How come all of a sudden he's back?
Why he's not back after a few weeks
of their break up ? Why now?
Someone's still waiting for her.
She's still waiting for someone.
And I think it's better she stick
to the original plan .
It isn't wise anyway.

Oh and I think this song is nice:

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