Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm still Lost,..

Is it really my wrong ? For treating you this way ? seriously,I think so . For not being there when I could and for being so cruelly rude to you.
It's my fault really,I still feel bad about this,I regret having to do that.Or was it even a mistake to begin with ?I think so . Problems
all coming in, though it has supposedly passed me , I still dwell on it . The way I treated you is absolutely bad,though you never treated me
any good too,but it's still my bad.Why? I am responsible for my own actions,I won't push it to you .I won't say you were the one who didn't want to come and you're a guy and you should have came. But no,I won't push it to you.It's my fault.All of it.So I'm going to say
Sorry,It isn't what I wanted too.

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