Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm so damn Sorry...

I said I'll do up my blog yesterday .

But I went to watch "WANTED" with Caleb and his friend,Everard.

HAHA.I din't even think I'll be able to go in ,

I don't look like a freaking16 year old.

It's nc 16 obviously.

HAH. First we went window shopping for a teeny while.

Then we went to Shaw house and watch the show.

Pictures I'll upload it another day:D

I had lotsa fun yeah,

And then this morning I went to Church and after that straight to Caleb's house.

Okay,I've got to go ,Ciao !

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EnMean said...

Heyhey, send me the pictures we took during the play? (add me:crazy_enmin@hmt) thankyouu