Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm knocking on your h-door.With all my luggages packed ,all my clothes,all my stuffs. But when you open the door,I see someone else in your house.
I asked who is that ? you answered a resident in your house. I ask when is she going to leave, you didn't answer and you closed the door.
I stayed outside and camped there, I thought you weren't going to come out .But just when I wanted to pack up and go , you came out and offer my food.
Eventually,you came out everyday .But after 3 days,you stopped. I didn't know what to do .I somehow seem as if a substitute ,when you're tenant ain't at home,
you'll talk to me , but when she is ,you'll not. So I don't understand , whether should I pack and go or continue waiting...
I'm still waiting, for that day ,to clarify things up . Whether you will let me in your house,or I will leave.And that day is coming,
I'm exciting and I'm scared at the same time.I'm afraid the answer is not what I'm awaiting for. I know I won't be that hurt not being able to stay at your house,
as my friends are willing to let me go to their houses and sleepover.But a part of me says that I need something far more special.
And It's you that will make me feel special. I'm scared,dude. Of the truth,though there's still another guy waiting for me to enter his house.
But I don't like the colour of his house,the texture of his house and the shape of his house. I don't feel joy,love and warmth,
and that's the basic thing to a loving house that I need. But I'm just going to let nature take its course.
That day passed,the day when you invited me into your house,I was jumping for joy then,
Really,but when I picked up my luggage you asked me :
You: why are you taking your luggage?
Me: I thought you are letting me to stay in your house.
You: NO,I was just letting you in to have dinner with us,
I'm tired of bringing it to you.
Me:Oh,I thought ...
That's when I picked up my luggage and left.

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