Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I want to stop...

Feeling sorry I guess. All my friends tell me I shouldn't be sorry as it wasn't entirely

My fault and furthurmore he ain't good. Okay, meet up with Huiwen to school.

She's waiting for her damn long bus so I went to Macs and had a hashbrown.

So you could already guess we were L A T E .

So we had to walk around the field for 2 freaking rounds !):

My shoe got a little soaked with water and grass were all over my shoe,

furthermore I guess there were a few ants in my shoe biting me.):

So we had detention ,):

After school was supposed to go for detention but I changed in to tomorrow.):

So stayed in school for awhile with Huiwen , Mario and Zihui .

After that went to work,then to Prayer Meeting.

Only a few people went as the others were busy.

Today ain't a very good day.): One thing to say is: Let bygones be bygones.

Also,someone totally messed up my day and made me super guilty.

But I'm going to let it go pass me. Not worth it maybe ? Yeah I guess so .

Tomorrow have to serve detention ,):

Then Friday I guess someone's going to treat me to Botak Jones(:

Saturday I think I'm going to accompany Uncle Jeremiah to go take out his tagging.

Sunday go to church !:D Also,Everard will be coming ! Too bad Mario's grounded):

To Mario: Don't forget our roti prata date!:D haha.

Okay,I'm heading off to sleep now . Ciao!

Let Bygones be Bygones.

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