Monday, July 14, 2008

Hey,Pictures will be uploaded today!:D

Not much though, anyhow


During our skit,Ms.Claudia took this.

After the skit performance,we took pictures with the Minister.haha!

My Liu xiao En:D

Ashley and Xiaoen .(:
They're both gays,haha.

After all that.

He looks so lonely,):

Lame Caleb who took our legs,hahah/

Caleb,Ashley and Everard:D
you know,sometimes I feel inferior,to her and to everyone else.
sometimes I just feel like bursting out in tears like a baby,
and sometimes I question God,where are you ?
I thought I've changed,I'm supposed to be happy,
supposed to be joyful about everything .
But I'm not,I feel so down every minute.
I know I've changed,I've changed into what ?
I don't quite know,also,I sinking deeper into
lovender,I don't quite know how to get out.
I don't even know you,but I'm going in deeper .
This is so stupid,you don't even .

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