Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday,Aunty Mabel.

Yes,I'm back to blogging after a very long time . okay,not very long.

And Guess what ? I've got tonnns of pictures !:D HAHAHA.

Let me update you:
On Saturday night,we went to celebrate Aunty Mabel's Birthday!
Our Birthday Gift !:D

Before that,learning songs.

haha,Jabez's candid shot.

We went to the coffee shop just under her block . The food's nice.
Xiao En !:D
Look at Caleb's face,haha!
Eating&more Eating.

The Adults.
Our new slippers!:D

Though I wasn't feeling that well emotionally.

Okay,then we went upstairs to cut cake .

The cake we ate was nice looking but it tastes ....

BECAUSE it's a very healthy cake which I don't really like :/.
Caleb's Family.

Jabez's Family.

Bryan's Family.

Aunty Wendy's Family.

The Three Princess:US !:D

Aunty Lydia and Aunty Mabel : Best Friends!:D

Then Caleb and Joshua taught me how to shuffle(the running man)

and moon walk !:D It's really fun . Sweat it all out though .

Then we went back home .

Sunday morning we went to church , during church ...

Aunty Mabel celebrated her birthday once again . haha.
Look @ Caleb's facial expression,candid rawks right ? hah.

Sweet uh ? Husband and Wife(:
Cutest Baby Ever !:D

Then after church Caleb and I went to Orchard .

Met Everard @ Orchard and we headed to buy my dress.

After that, we went to Cineleisure and rented a DVD.

We couldn't watch it straight away,we had to wait till around 7 plus.

So we went down to Long John Silver and I had my lunch cum dinner.

After slacking, we went to the foodcourt as Everard wanted to eat.

Caleb ate too , then we went to watch the DVD.

We watched " ARANG" , it's a horror movie.

But all in all , the ghost they were seeing is actually hallucination .

So yeah,nothing much .After watching,

Caleb and I went to Khatib and Aunty Mabel send us home .(:

p/s I'm looking forward to 2nd August.
p/p/s I hope nothing bad will happen on that day
p/p/p/s I'm still outside, now knocking on your h-door.
p/p/p/p/s I'm no wheel.
p/p/p/p/p/s I realised everytime I blog,there'll be lotsa pictures
If I take 2-3 days off the computer.haha.

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